The BitCoin Space Education Fund (BSEF)

The mission of the Bitcoin Space Education Fund (BSEF) is to support Space Education and Outreach activities that maximize the positive impact of Space activities on the life of children. This stems from the vision that once children become grown-ups, and they would possess some basic notion of the universe in all its extremities, and the place planet Earth has in it, these grown-ups would be more inclined to cherish peace than to start wars on our home planet Earth. The most receptive age to this kind of knowledge is of course when people are young! 

The BSEF is set-up to receive cryptocurrency tokens from individuals and companies that support the mission and vision of the BSEF.

The BSEF awards initiatives that can execute on the BSEF mission. Please contact the BSEF coordinator with your proposal to become part of the BSEF programme. This proposal should include your plans and costing for your activity. An important element of your activity should be the promotion of the BSEF to your peers and business relations and this should be made clear in the proposal. Proposals are being accepted year round. There is no deadline.

The BSEF strongly believes in cryptocurrency tokens as the future means of payment. They are transparent, inherently safe and brings more power to individuals. Below are some guidelines for donation levels with BTC, but any donation with any coin is more than welcome!  

Donate >0.001 BTC or equivalent
Sputnik level reward: Eternal gratitude.
Donate >0.005 BTC or equivalent
Yuri level reward: Yuri's Night tattoo + all of the above. You will receive a temporary Yuri's Night tattoo to demonstrate your spaceflight affiliation in style!
Donate >0.01 BTC or equivalent
Apollo 11 level reward: Interplanetary Abundance shares + all of the above. You will receive the original Solar System mining resources shares from the Interplanetary Abundance game. Become a Space trillionaire instantly!
Donate >0.05 BTC or equivalent
Humans to Mars level reward: Original Martian Analogue sample from Salten Skov + all of the above. You will receive one of the few original Martian Analogue samples that were retrieved during the Salten Skov 2015 expedition!
Donate >0.1 BTC or equivalent
Starship level reward: Keynote lecture 'From Sputnik to Starship' + all of the above. A visit will be arranged  to your company, institute or school and the Eye On Orbit 1.5 hour keynote lecture about the past and future of Space exploration will be delivered. A story that goes untill the year 2111! Travel expenses outside the Netherlands to be covered by you.

There is also the Lightning network enabled Tippin service for donations to the BSEF.

Also, by upvoting my content on you are helping the BSEF.
And finally, you can chip-in to the BSEF through the Tallycoin BTC fundraiser.

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