The Eye On Orbit Space Missions Manifest (SMM)

This Google Sheets document shows all future space missions, and their characteristics, that are currently contained (as of May 29, 2018 (issue 2.46)) in the Eye On Orbit Space Missions Manifest (SMM) database.

If you need help with the interpretation of the data, or need information products based on the data, I would be happy to help you out on a Consultancy fee basis. Please contact me with your needs, and I will provide you with a quotation.

Terms & Conditions
The records in the Space Missions Manifest database might not provide a complete description of the reality. Not all information, about space missions that are being planned, is public. Also, certain information might not have reached me at the moment of your retrieval. Refunds will not be provided if you did not find what you were looking for in the Space Missions Manifest database, or are not satisfied with the Excel sheet you receive.
The entries in the records in the Space Missions Manifest database are entered manually. Human error, typos or missing information in the entries can be possible. Eye On Orbit cannot be held liable for any resulting damages (including financial) that resulted from these unintentional errors or any missing information. If you find any errors or missing information, please notify me at your convenience and I will correct the error.
The information in the Space Missions Manifest database is based on public data from websites, newsletters and social media. I have and will not put up unlawful and/or classified information. If you find any of such information in the Space Missions Manifest database, please let me know and I will remove it from the Space Missions Manifest database as soon as possible.

Strategic Partnerships
Within the realm of intelligence about what the future of Space has to offer to business and society in the future, Eye On Orbit is in the process of implementing a number of strategic partnerships. These partners effectively provide mutual services to each other such as open data policy, and marketing of each others services: is an independent, up-to-date, parametric search engine for the space industry. We provide specifications for satellite parts, in support of systems engineering, procurement and market analysis.

Feel free to donate with Bitcoins or Paypal (or credit card) to keep the effort going. All your contributions are well appreciated.

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