More spacegeek documentaries

Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post concerning my space documentaries top 5.
Here is a list of additional spacegeek documentaries. Some even in full version available on YouTube. First to show here is 'Red Stuff', a Dutch production on the history of the Soviet Union space programme, mainly by interviewing the first cosmonauts. The name 'Red Stuff' clearly competes with the name 'Right Stuff', a movie about similar Space heroes on the US side.

Next on is a 4 episode docudrama from the BBC called 'Space Race' showing the fierce competition during the cold war between US/German mastermind Werner von Braun and his Soviet Union counterpart, Chief Designer Sergei Korolev.
There is also a movie-length version of these four episodes: Space Race: the untold Story

I also totally forgot about 'Ascent - commemorating Shuttle'. Just an excellent piece of deep knowlegde shared by real aerospace engineers to the viewers about the ins and outs of launching a Space Shuttle.

Man on a Mission is the interesting story of Skylab-3 astronaut Owen Garriot's son, game tycoon Richard Garriott. Like Anousheh Ansari, he is one of the fortunate people to have sufficient spare money to buy a ticket as a space tourist.

Another spacegeek classic is the 12 episode docudram 'From the Earth to the Moon' directed and produced by Tom Hanks. Have a look here at the first episode.

Documentaries I still would like to see are the following:

Any links to other worthwile space documentaries and/or full versions available online are most welcome!

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