The Space Based Economy. The story told in YouTube videos

'The Space Based Economy' is a lecture provided by Eye On Orbit to cover the full range of economic impact, now and in the future, of space activities.  Below is a set of YouTube videos providing background to this lecture. Contact Eye On Orbit here for questions and/or booking the 'Space Based Economy' lecture for your event.

Telecom: from Geostationairy orbit

Telecom: from Medium Earth Orbit

Telecom: from Low-Earth Orbit

Earth Observation: from Geostationairy Orbit

Earth Observation: Near-real time Google Earth on the horizon: Planet Labs

Earth Observation: Near-real time Google Earth on the horizon: SkyBox Imaging

Navigation: Beidou Global Navigation system

Suborbital Tourism/Human Exploration: Virgin Galactic

Suborbital Tourism/Human Exploration: SXC/XCOR

Lunar Exploration: the Google Lunar X-PRIZE

Lunar Tourism/Human Exploration: Golden Spike Company

Martian Tourism/Human Exploration: Mars One

Materials Mining: Shackleton Energy Company

Materials Mining: Planetary Resources

Materials Mining: Deep Space Industries

 Materials Mining: Moon Express

 Energy: Space based solar power: Space Energy Inc.

 Enabling technology: the Space elevator

 Enabling technology: self-replicating robotics and 3d printers

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