Interplanetary Abundance™ - The space resources trading game

[Dutch] The interactive trading game Interplanetary Abundance exposes participants of events, festivals and team-meetings to a disruptive but realistic scenario of the future of Space and humankind, all the way to the year 2111. Through optional Virtual Reality (VR) elements and real shares of space resources, the participants negotiate with each other while being submersed in an exponential storyline happening in the Solar System.

All participants receive shares of each available space resource at the beginning of the trading game. Then the future of Space unfolds through a visual presentation. During the journey, three trading sessions are organized where the participants can trade with each other, while contemplating on the future of Space. After these sessions, the participants find out what really happens and will be stimulated to enter the next trading session with new insights.

The Interplanetary Abundance trading game has an optional Virtual Reality version, where the participants will *really* go to Space, the Moon and Mars.

Minimum amount of participants is 10. There is no maximum amount of participants, as long as participants can easily move around. The duration of the workshop can be adjusted from 1 to 2.5 hours.

Contact Erik Laan from Eye On Orbit via for a dedicated proposal to play Interplanetary Abundance at your event!

Below you see a visualisation of the shares of the four space resources traded in the Interplanetary Abundance workshop. Click on each of them, to find out more on the background of these space resources.

Events where the Interplanetary Abundance workshop has been executed:
- De Ontdekkers, Rijswijk (27 Juni 2016)
- Permanent Beta Meet-up @ Amsterdam Connected (8 September 2016)
- De inspiratiedagen op het Zaanlands Lyceum (12 Oktober 2016)
- Teamuitje van 120 IT specialists van de Belastingdienst (16 Juni 2017)
- Mapping Space festival in de OBA te Amsterdam (10 maart 2018)

Update March 21, 2021: the online version of Interplanetary Abundance is coming to life. The first tokens on the Liquid blockchain have been minted for this purpose:

The selection of books below have been instrumental in the development of the Interplanetary Abundance trading game:

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