Kickstarting the update of the Integrated Space Plan

Update July 23, 2015: The Integrated Space Plan poster is here! Look at the beautiful result below! Soon on my office wall! Here you can have an interactive look on the Integrated Space Analytics website. Congratulations to Jay Wittner and his team!

June 13, 2014
In the year 1989, Rockwell International Engineer Ron Jones created the first version of the Integrated Space Plan (ISP). This plan was a vision of the next 100 years of Space missions and technology development showing a step by step approach on how humanity would step out of its Earthly cradle into the endless Cosmos. Its vision started with the first generation of reusable spacecraft, aka the Space Shuttles built by Rockwell International in the 70s, and ends with Interstellar travel, basically embodied by the 100 Year Starship Study currently being executed. Find more information about the original ISP here.
Last week, I got a notification from former Dutch Space colleague and infographics connaisseur Hans de Wolf that a crowdfunding campaign had started to update the ISP into a new version containing all the new insights ever since its inception in 1989. I have always felt a great resonance with the contents of the ISP and I sincerely call it one of the inspirations behind starting my own company Eye On Orbit. With Eye On Orbit I provide technical and programmatic consultancy to aerospace industries, institutes and agencies all over the globe on the future of the space technology and applications market. Next to my consultancy business, I also provide outreach to the general public under the theme "the Space Based Economy" where I have already shown many audiences what is going to happen beyond tomorrow. 
As such I am proud to be in the first 100 group of backers of the kickstarter for the update of the ISP. I wish the initiators from Integrated Space Analytics team all the success in their campaign and I do hope they reach their goal of $18.000! I look forward seeing the result in November this year!

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