Ambition: the film

October 24, 2014
First, put the video below on big screen with big sound. Really, not only you typical space geek, but also you, the Game of Thrones addict. You are gonna love this! (spoiler: Actor Aidan Gillan is in it!) 

So, you have immersed yourself, probably a few times, in this latest very non-classical promotion of a European Space Agency space mission. Sincere compliments to ESA for doing it in this stunning way! Now, for those who want to see more about the background of this film, also have a look at "the making of". Some typical quotes from this footage from Platige Image, the maker:

"..... Everyone working on this [film] project has been much more committed than to routine duties...."

"..... I am very surprised you need something like this at all now. Mankind sends a probe into space to catch a planet and land on it, and we need a great director, a film and actors to convince people this is interesting....."

More info:

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