Interstellar: movie review

November 5, 2014
I went with Arno Wielders, Chief Technical Officer of Mars One, to Interstellar the movie during the Leiden International Filmfestival on November 8, 2014.
It was truely one of the most captive movies I have ever seen. It created the same urge of reflection on what life is about, as also happened when first seeing Contact and 2001: A space odyssey. It is really some piece of art you can have an opinion about.
My opinion is that, although Interstellar is profiled as a space buff movie, it is actually about the power of love vs the power to do what you need to do. Being also a father with a daughter, the relationship between the main characters really resonated inside me.
Truely amazing were the visualisations of the wormhole and the black hole. And I liked the scene with the teacher, who was sure about that Apollo never really happened. It was a very powerfull scene making clear that without exploration, we die. And I liked the O'Neill colony!

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