Marsh/AIG sponsored Mars One project workshop: putting boots on Mars, what about the risks?

June 7, 2015
A Marsh/AIG sponsored event on May 21, 2015 around the topic "Risk management without rear-view mirror" took place in the Naturalis museum in Leiden. Eye On Orbit CEO Erik Laan was invited to participate as an independent space expert to interact with the 60 risk assesment professionals, all Marsh/AIG customer relations. The case study at hand was the ambitious and one of a kind Mars One project. Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp provided a great keynote and successfully addressed loads of critical questions. The participants had an amazing time learning about the great challenges that lie ahead for Mars One during the break-out sessions. No exceptions at the end of the exciting day: risk assessment professionals want to see boots on Mars within the next decade!

Mars(h) is this way

Eye On Orbt CEO Erik Laan with one of the participants

Marsh NL broking director Erwin Smit excelled in his task of Master of Ceremony

Marsh & AIG managers opening the event

Keynote by Bas Lansdorp

The risk specialists discussing the Mars One project during the break-out sessions

Earthly table water during the panel

Thanks for the flowers, Mars One mug and the book "The black swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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