Background reading for the Space Based Economy

The Space Based Economy is one of the keynotes that Eye On Orbit provides to customers worldwide. This blogpost provides some background-reading that provides more depth to the keynote. But first, if you don't like reading, you can also get up to speed by watching a number of carefully selected YouTube videos
A good start is to read the Space Economy at a glance 2014 from the OECD. We are waiting for the 2015 report but untill the release, we list this document. If you want to know more about materials mining in Space, this paper by Ross et al is a good one. But also, Dr. Martin Elvis from Harvard University gives a realistic estimate of the value of Solar System mining. Very far in the future is the Space elevator, have a read of John Knapman's report on the subject. Space Based Solar Power is also one of those far fetched but potential disruptive technologies. Read the NSS report on the subject of SBSP. One of the most closeby disruptions to happen certainly, is Near-Real time Google Earth. I wrote a blog about it, but also Jasper Bouwmeester from TU Delft made a technical assessment on how many satellites that will take.

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