Space Manifest taking on the globe

The world of Space is dramatically evolving. Private investment levels for Space set new records year after year. Bold plans for LEO constellations for (hyperspectral) imaging and telecom missions are popping up continuously Some are stealthily in a very advanced stage, ready to take on the globe.
At Space Manifest, we follow and index all Space developments currently ongoing. Our experimental online service at provides customers with a front-row seat for overview of the space business, for now and the future. But all good things come to an end. We decided to scale down our efforts needed for our online service, to be able to ramp up our business to business consultancy. To celebrate, we decided to provide our customers with a final and last opportunity to download the database at an incredible discount of 80%! The full database is now priced at just below 93 euro. But be quick, we will be phasing out the online service in the coming week! Visit and get your intelligence for the future of Space now! Feel free to share this information in your network so more people can enjoy this incredible resource!

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