The value of hyperspectral imagery

I am currently executing a freelance assignment for a customer who developed a disruptive design for a hyperspectral imager with a wide field of view but aberration free telescope optics (patented). The result is that no other instrument within the same envelope could possibly reach the performance of this concept.
My customer is currently seeking investment for designing, building, launching and using a constellation of Hyperspectral imagers to monitor the Earth for a wide range of applications, based on this new instrument concept. From scientific literature it is clear that there is great value in the hyperspectral imagery but we now seek more and better understanding of its value for value adders through a questionnaire. If you are a value adder with interest in hyperspectral imagery, please fill-in the questionnaire below and share this link with your colleagues to collect as much data as possible. The questionnaire should only take a 1-2 minutes of your time. It will be completely anonymous, unless you answer question 11. In that case we will treat your information with the greatest care and confidentiality and we will provide you with feedback on the outcome of the research.

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