Automation of production of components for the Space Industry

The Space Industry is potentially at a tipping point. Big plans are looming on the horizon for a flurry of mega-constellations and smallsat launchers. Some of these plans have already materialized to the point that first steps have been taken. Take for example Rocket Lab that, as of May 5th 2019, has launched already 28 satellites with their Electron SmallSat launcher. A mega-constellation in the making is OneWeb. On February 27 2019, OneWeb successfully launched the first 6 of the 648 planned satellites to provide global internet connection from Space.

For my research into the Global Space Industry, I maintain the Eye On Orbit Space Missions Manifest [SMM] where I keep track of all institutional and commercial Space. A characteristic of the Space Industry in which I am now particularly interested in, is whether its major players are ready to take on the (imho) necessary automation of production, similar to what the electronics and car industries do, to meet the lowest prices possible.

If you want to weigh in with your opinion, you are very welcome to fill in this 5 minute questionnaire. If you don't have an opinion/answer for some of the questions, just leave tham open. You can participate fully anonymous if you wish, but if you leave your e-mail address in the last of 3 sections in the questionnaire, I can and will provide you with the final results of the aggregated outcome of the questionnaire. Thanks for your cooperation, and feel free to share it with colleagues in the Space Industry of which you think should weigh in too!

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